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Dear Husbands, Here is a List of Things Your Wife Wants For Christmas

HusbandsDear Husbands,

Guys, some days I’d just love to be among your ranks, if only because, seriously, women are SO easy to please! Maybe that sounds like the world’s biggest fib to you, but I can assure you it’s the truth. Anyway, I’m writing this letter to help you out a little during the Christmas season. At my house, as the month of December wears on, I inevitably start to sense my husband’s stress level increase as each day passes and he realizes he is one day closer to Christmas with no present for me and, worse, no idea where to start! This is really all an unnecessary process, and I hope today to spare as many well-meaning men out there this unnecessary unpleasantness.

It’s not rocket science, guys, here’s what you do…just be thoughtful and get your wife a Christmas present she will like. (Cue eyeroll) I can hear you thinking…Easier said than done. I don’t know what she wants. Or she already has everything. Well, it can be done, yes you do know, and no she doesn’t have everything. I can hear how complicated that sounds, so I’m just going to lay this right out for you…Husbands, here’s a list of things your wife wants for Christmas….

She wants to be pampered – It’s tough being a lady, a mom, a wife, and women love to be pampered! They love (NEED) time to nurture themselves or be nurtured by others. Here’s the trick though–pampering will look different for every woman. Ask yourself, what does your wife love to do for herself? Does she love a pedicure? Does she love time alone? Does she do yoga? Does she feel fantastic after kick-boxing class? How does she re-energize? What makes her feel like her needs matter? Gift her that. For me, this gift would be a gift certificate to a spa, but maybe, for your wife it would be a yoga retreat, or a cooking class (be careful with that one!) or a massage. And if you REALLY want to please her, book the thing and arrange childcare so all she has do is show up and feel awesome!

She wants a date – For the woman who ‘has everything,’ why not book her a date!? If you’re married with young kids, maybe arrange a date for the two of you. If you’re free as birds and get enough of each other, arrange a date with her besties to do something they love to do. The key word being ‘arrange’–she will feel so much more thought of, so relieved of the stress of doing the ‘arranging’, if you go this extra mile!

She wants an oil-diffuser – Whoa, DO NOT go buy your wife an oil-diffuser. That’s what I want, and I have told my husband this on a number of occasions. What has your wife told you? Listen to her words, all throughout the year. Look at items she picks up and leaves behind with a bit of longing in her eyes. Make notes of these things. Not mental notes, those things go missing like nuts at a squirrel party… Put them in your phone and when a special occasion comes along, you’re covered!

She wants tickets – What’s you’re wife into? Music? Theatre? Jamaica (if you have the $$)? A certain band? Does she keep saying she wouldn’t mind seeing the opera? Buy her tickets for something that would interest her. This shows some thought and possibly the intention that you intend to spend this time with her! Double win.

She wants something from that store she loves – Are you tired of finding bags and receipts from a certain store at your house? It’s because your wife likes that store (no, NOT Toys R Us, dummy)! Take a hint, buy something for her there and if worse comes to worse, she can return it and get something she does like!

She wants something _________ . Pretty? Useful? Fun? Relaxing? What’s a thoughtful word to describe your wife? For me, the word that best fills that blank is ‘useful.’ I LOVE useful presents, and you know what’s useful? Gin. Gin is useful for me, and quite honestly I would be happy with a special bottle of that. Not every wife would. Maybe your wife likes pretty things. Get her something pretty. Maybe she’s fun! Send her on an adventure or gift her some activity she’s never tried before like paint-balling or an escape room. Give it some thought. I promise it will not go unnoticed!\

She wants your heart – Forget Christmas, this is what your wife wants 365 days a year! And when I said women were easy to please, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about. She wants your heart more than any gift you could give her. (No, that does NOT mean you shouldn’t get her a Christmas present). For Christmas, she wants a thoughtful present and your heart. Easier said than done? Bullshit, husbands. Spend some of the season playing a game or doing a puzzle with her. Put down your guilty distraction and see what happens. Ask her about her day. Talk about yours. Express concern about something that has been difficult for her. Cuddle up and watch a favourite movie—you make the hot chocolate and popcorn. Write her a love note. Do it again tomorrow, and next week, and on February 3rd and Easter Monday and on Tahitian Independence Day. Give her encouraging words, EVERYDAY. If you do that, I promise you’ll be well on your way to understanding just how easy women are to please!

Merry Christmas, husbands! And best of luck!



A Hopeful Wife

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